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    Don't tell them about the results (health) of dr.battery. They don't care about 3party apps. Run the battery test from webOS from systeminfo and report the result to us and the support.
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    Thanks, Somline. Unfortunately, I probably won't have a chance to do anything with support until next week.

    Not sure what the webOS systeminfo app, that you refer to, is:do I need to download it or is a 'hidden' diagnostic?

    I'm currently testing with Battery Monitor (from PreCentral).

    Fully charged at 15:15 - left the Pre3 sitting with Battery Monitor running (WiFi, GPS and phone on).

    The only activity has been to check the figures every hour or so.

    Just had the 20% charge alert - took just over 5.5 hours to lose 80%. (Battery Monitor has been estimating c. 5.75 hours total run time.)

    Drain p/h has been around 17.5. Avg mA -102 / 8.87%. Voltage was 4162 at start; 3889 five hours later. Battery temp has been stable around 25C.

    I'll try to record a final reading before it dies for good.

    After that, I'm going to remove the battery and replace then recharge via cable to 100% and see if that changes anything.

    (Btw, though I'm recording the figures, I've not got much idea of their significance. Hope they mean something to those who are more knowledgeable than I am! *grin*)
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    You don't need to test any further. Your battery is reporting a very bad (almost dead) status.
    The battery test is:
    Open "System info" it's an app you have already with webOS. The in the app menu (upper left) you find "Tests". Choose "interactive tests". And there you find something like "Power management". Choose "Battery status". I don't know the exact wording since I have a german version.
    I bet you get a red status from that.
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    Thanks again, Somline. The battery finally ran out at 20:37, meaning it ran for about 5 hours 20 minutes.

    It's currently recharging - once it hits 100% I'll run the systeminfo diagnostic.

    Of course this would happen when I'm going to be away for the weekend. I'm glad I didn't 'retire' my Centro! *grin*
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    For what it's worth, heat will quickly kill a battery. The touchstone causes a lot of heat, coupled with the lack of availability for spare batteries, I'd recommend plugging it in instead of using the TS.
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    Thanks, Hawaii. Yes - I've experienced heat harming batteries with laptops in the past.

    I considered this before buying a Touchstone. But then I read about cases cracking around the USB port and the connection becoming slack (admittedly this seems to happen more with TouchPads than Pre3). Caught between a rock and a hard place, I guess. *grin*

    I have been checking the temperature of the back when I've removed it from the TouchStone and, while it has been warm a handful of times, most often it's not. So, while it could be heat, I'm not entirely convinced that's the cause.

    It would be interesting to know if other people suffering from this have been using the TS or cable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtRitzik View Post
    It's currently recharging - once it hits 100% I'll run the systeminfo diagnostic.
    Don't believe the battery info in the systemmenu. Use dr.battery to find the point when the battery is really full (current goes negative)
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    As expected, I've not had time to phone HP support - will have to wait until next week - but some developments...

    After yesterday's experiment with Battery Meter and the Pre3 running down in around 5 hours 20 mins, I tried a battery recovery technique: I'm not sure whether this kicks a bit of life back into tired cells or forces recalibration but it's helped with other devices in the past.

    The Pre3 had shut down so I removed the battery, left it for a couple of minutes, then replaced it put it back on charge (cable + transformer). It took under 90 mins to get back to 100%, which didn't sound good.

    I ran the systeminfo battery test, as Somline suggested, and it indicated Battery Status Red (four bars in the battery - not sure if this changes or just the colour).

    I shut down, removed the battery again, left it for five minutes, then replaced it and restarted. Ran Dr Battery immediately, which indicated 95% and Health 50% (the right top menu battery status said 100%) and it was dropping fast.

    I then put it on cable charge again After about quarter of an hour, the drop down menu said 100% and Battery Monitor said 98%. I left it for another hour, by which stage both said 100%, and unplugged.

    At this stage I put the Pre3 in aeroplane mode for the night (I also copied the Battery Monitor figures but suspect there's already more than enough information here! *grin*).

    Now, this is where things begin to look interesting...

    At 04:20 (I know - I get up early!) the drop down menu was still 100%: at 06:50 it was only down to 98% though Dr B and Battery Monitor were showing 93%. (There has been a difference between the webOS reading and DrB / BM lower by 5% to 2%.)

    Two hours later there had only been a drop of 4% and I turned on wifi. An hour later, the drop was 3% and after another hour, and another 3% drop, I turned off Aeroplane mode entirely (no Bluetooth though).

    Since then I've made very little use of the phone - no calls, no browsing, a brief test of the camera - but the drop has been pretty much what I was seeing before the dramatic battery drain. After about 17 hours 40 mins it had gone down from 100% to 58% (webOS battery reading - Dr B and Battery Meter 56%).

    I've now put it back on cable charge and am hoping that this has fixed the fast drain - at least until next week when I can contact HP support.

    From my very inexpert position, this makes me wonder whether this is a bad battery or a software - or hardware? - calibration problem.

    Or could it be both - after all, systeminfo gives the battery status as 'red' (and I presume this is red for danger rather than red for in glowing good health!)

    There is a second thread on PreCentral about similar symptoms though - Instant battery drain on Pre3 ( - and it sounds as if 'refreshing' techniques have worked for people on there.

    I hope that the above contains clues for the more technically minded (and I didn't put you to sleep with the amount of detail! *grin*). And, if you think it would be more appropriate to move this to the above mentioned thread, please let me know.
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    If you can't get the health value to change (recalibrate) you will not get an improvement.
    Please try to recalibrate as i posted on my last post. This try to calibrate is not confirmed to be working. So please try it and post the result.
    The health is stored in the battery chip. So this is a battery problem even though it is not necessarily a real hardware problem (the chip inside the battery can be programmed).
    But it's a battery problem. Not a software problem within webOS.
    I'm sure HP will exchange your battery when to tell them that you get a bad test from systeminfo->interactive tests.
    EDIT: you are not alone. You are the 3th person with this problem I know of. 50% health on a Veer or Pre3. Wondering when we will see this on touchpad.
    And unfortunately Dr.Battery is not able to reset the health.
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    I had the experience where suddenly the phone when taken off the charger would go from 100% to 30% in 20 minutes. tried rebooting and pulling the battery, then I tried rebooting by flushing the memory via the hold power button and flip the mute button 3 times method.
    Worked like a charm for me. Seems some procedure that was in memory was causing the phone to report low battery level and in my case, upon reboot, the battery suddenly was back at 100%.

    That said, I bought a spare Mugen battery because eventually I will need it.

    good luck
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