Have any Verizon Pre3 owners been overseas with their phones yet? Did the GSM/UMTS mode work overseas? Did you only try the supplied Vodafone SIM, or did you try your own local SIM?

I worked with dogber1 tonight and we (he!) determined that while the VZW Pre3 is network-unlocked (a good thing), it appears the GSM/UMTS mode functionality has not been fully implemented (a bad thing).

I was able to insert my T-Mobile SIM, have it register my T-Mobile telephone number under Device Info, and even receive text messages sent to my T-Mobile number. However, I can't sent texts, nor can I send or receive voice calls. I will bring the phone with me overseas at the end of the month and try it with my overseas SIM as well, but I'm not very hopeful.

I've inquired with HP both at the developer site and via Twitter to see if they can confirm that the GSM/UMTS functionality was/is fully enabled, and if not, will it be fixed in the future? I only hope that 2.2.3 Build 1218 isn't the final word on the Verizon Pre3.