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    I recently discovered on my Pre3 (on T-Mobile monthly pre-paid), that my voicemail notifications are different than they were on my Pre+ (Verizon).

    First, I'm pretty sure my Pre+ would give me a count of voicemails waiting in the phone app. Second, on the Pre+ I'd get a voicemail notification of every new voicemail left.

    On the Pre3, in the phone app the voicemail icon just gets a little "play-arrow" added if there are any voicemails waiting, but no indication of how many. Also, I only get a voicemail notification for the first voicemail left... all other missed calls look like they left no voicemail, when in fact they did. If I listen to all the voicemails, then I will get a notification for the next voicemail received, but again none after that.

    So is this different because of the Pre3, or different because of T-Mobile, or different because of GSM?

    Anyone else seeing the same thing? Which carrier are you on?

    Can anyone with a Pre3 on AT&T (or one of the MVNO's that use AT&T's network) confirm if they get a voicemail-waiting count and per-voicemail notifications? That might make it worth switching.
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    Might be on T Mobile's end, I get a voice mail count on at&t with my Pre 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Might be on T Mobile's end, I get a voice mail count on at&t with my Pre 3.
    and a new notification for each new voicemail?
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    thanks. I'd be curious to hear from people on H2O or Good2Go (AT&T MVNO's).

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