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    I upgraded from a pre to a pre3 (german unlocked) and activated it with a friend's SIM card. It then went to restore from the profile.

    Later I decided I want to doctor it. Since I don't have a data capable SIM I thought I can use the meta doctor and login to the profile with just wifi. I used BYPASS_FIRST_USE_APP (but did not comment out BYPASS_ACTIVATION).
    Once the doctor is finished it just boots as usual without going through the first use app, so it doesn't log in to the profile and doesn't restore the stuff.

    I can set the profile using impostah, but that doesn't seem to do the restore.
    Also it seems that the "show first use app" patch is not available for the pre3.

    Any ideas? Am I'm using the options in the meta doctor correctly?
    I also saw a patch that adds wifi to the menu in activation scene, anyway to easily add that to the custom doctor?
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    Looks like i got it wrong, should've used BYPASS_ACTIVATION and not BYPASS_FIRST_USE_APP. The docs are misleading...

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