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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Display pics show up fine in my contacts. I don't use anything google and skype works fine.
    They worked fine for about three hours and now just show as blank. I've removed and readded all accounts several times and even doctored the phone to make sure it wasn't a glitch. Same problem happened again shortly after I did that.
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    Warrenty is a red herring anyway as that relates to the mechanical aspects of the phone.

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    While I was expecting this for my AT&T pre3, this really sucks for those in Europe who bought it when it was officially released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeron View Post
    Just because the TP seems to be getting some love from HP, don't expect the same for the Pre 3...

    According to this thread on the Palm developer forum, no updates are planned for the Pre 3.
    Look further...

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    I don't think this is a huge deal to me, but I'm probably in the minority as I just use my Pre3 for the basics. I use my phone for phone calls, texting, emailing, and fairly light web browsing. With those things, and coming from a non clocked and non patched Pre-, I am very much enjoying my Pre3 after 10 days. I can't remember the last time my Pre- received an update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    At the moment I don't need any updates, if there are any bugs it is not in anything that I use at the present time. My Pre 3 is fast and responsive and I would not hesitate recommending to any of my friends and family.
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    Yes, the HP PRE 3 is amazing, Yes its fast, Yes it was a dumb move for HP to cancel it, YES its worth the price, If you have been reading this so far, you should have one sitting on your computer desk next to you, smiling. Enjoying the best purchase ever.
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    I think the Pre 3 is light years (okay maybe an exaggeration) better in terms of polished feel than the TP. As long as nothing breaks on my Pre 3 I don't need an update. The TP on the other hand nees some fixes badly--mind you not many but the few bugs that were introduced on the last update need to be cleaned up.

    Ironic that I bought a launch day TP and had no worries about functionality and future support on that device as I assumed the "might" of HP was behind it, but was very concerend about my Pre 3 (ATT) as it was never officially released and had no warranty at all and it is a rock star--even bought a back up incase I damage or lose mine.
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