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    My pre has suddenly stopped showing text notifications!? I would really rather not doctor the device, but i cant live without having my phone notifcate me, ive started just randomly opening the messaging app to check if i had a new message. Everything else appears to work fine on my device.

    Any ideas?

    UPDATE: Okay so i found it was the advanced system prefs that has been the issue. during an install of the "Advanced System Prefs - Framework" my phone crashed, I then could no longer find the patch update so presumed it had installed. It now turns out it had uninstalled itself.

    I now cant install the Framework Patch, i have unintalled all Sys Prefs patches but get the same error of "1 hunk of 1 ignored" and viewing IPKG log i get "Unable to run commang: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps/bin/sh/mediacryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.patches.advanced-system-prefs-framework.postinst2>&1"

    My messaging problem has gone on the bright side
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    That only happens to me when I set my alerts to mute. I won't get the notification for it.

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