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    Hey all,

    Is there an app like Nametag HD for the Pre 3 or other smartphones? If i were to - knock on wood - ever lose my phone, it would be nice to have a message on the screen saying who it belongs to, who to contact, reward, etc. I'm not too keen on editing all of my wallpapers to have this information...
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    There's a post about changing the ATT boot logo. It lives in usr/lib/luna/customization/images/carrier-boot-logo.png

    You can delete/rename it to get rid of the ATT logo on boot, or just edit it to include your nametag... Anyone turning on your phone will be able to see it without having to log in.

    If you don't lock your screen, then you could just change your Just Type text to 'Property of...' or 'If lost, please email...'

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    makes me realize how sad it is that we won't get accessories - I would love to put a custom SkinIt on my new Pre 3 - to make it unique in a world of big black phones but especially to cover up the HP logo on the back!

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