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    I too would be interested.
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    I will also be interested.
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    ^and me
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    Yes it is definitely necessary for the Pre3 I think!
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    The Pre 3 definitely needs an extended battery, I'd settle for the HP standard battery to carry with my Pre 3.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I will get on with extended capacity but same thickness.
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    Necessary? Not for me.

    Nice-To-Have? Yup. I'll take 2.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    I definitely want one or two spare batteries!

    For that matter, I want one or two spares for my Touchpad, too!
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    interested! (in the extended Pre3 batteries, not the social networks)
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    Need one, too!
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    want one, too!
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    The SL battery is expected this year, XL battery will be coming out approximately in the end of January.

    Any news for when... | Facebook
  13. H
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    Will definitely take one
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    My wife would want this... no doubt.

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    I'll buy (at least) one, too
    Preł (iPhone 4), TouchPad 32 GB (PlayBook 16 GB)
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    Put me down for two standard sized ones.
    I might be tempted for an extended life one also, especially if the new back cover had a profile and magnets to stick to the touchstone :-)
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    mmm.... as long as the battery fits with the same back-cover and won't require new one. I guess the perfect ideal battery will be the one that is exactly the same physical size, has more power, and can use the original back cover, but I guess that is too much wishful thinking
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    Update please?
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    I'd like to get two that fit with the original back (for Touchstone), along with an external
    charger like this one.
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    UPDATE: SL coming this year! And XL end of January... Can't wait

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