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    Hey guys,

    I'm a newbie with webos and just bought a Pre 3.. It's a great phone, I really enjoy it but... My problem is the Appstore!!
    Let me explain: I'm living in France and thought that HP had a french appstore, but I can't buy apps. I just have acces to the free apps but that just ain't enough. I rebooted the Pre, created a new account and indicated that I'm living in the states but that didn't change anything, i just can't buy apps, i don't even see them. It just keeps telling me: No Applications found!!!
    Please help me if you have any suggestions and ideas how i could get acces to the real deal...

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    in preware there is an app called impostah that should help.
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    hello! same problem and now it works! I just wanted to say thanks
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    i downloaded Impostah and tried different things but I don't get it. Could you help me??


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