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    My VZW Pre 3 has developed a strange issue over the past few days. When I first got the phone I noticed that the slider would seem to catch or stall a little bit while halfway open, as if it the internal components were snagging on each other at some point. At first this didn't really bother me since the phone was quite usable in spite of the slight hitch.

    But a few days ago the hitch seems to have gone away and was replaced by a stranger phenomenon. Now my bottom volume key doesn't work at all, and when I am sliding the phone from the open to closed position, I hear a few clicks and the volume controls get triggered in at least two stages of the slider movement. Most of the time sliding the phone closed sends the volume up command, but while messing around with it I've had it turn the volume down as well. My guess is it's sending both but the ups are beating out the downs or something.

    Since this is an unreleased phone, no warranty, yada yada, I suppose I'll have to crack open this sucker myself and see what's going on inside. I'm just curious if anyone else has seen something like this before, and if anyone has any advice as to what I should look for or things I should avoid doing if I do end up trying some at home surgery on this thing. This phone was pretty spendy and I'd rather not break it further.
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    If it's anything like the original Pre/Pre 2 the gold volume ribbon under the volume rocker is probably loose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    ...I noticed that the slider would seem to catch or stall a little bit while halfway open... Now my bottom volume key doesn't work at all...
    Just to let you know that I am now having the same issues on a UK GSM Pre3. Did you manage to fix the problem?
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    It's all down to an appalling, infuriating design flaw. I partially disassembled mine to check what was going wrong. Basically, when the sliding mechanism gets stuck, it gets stuck *on the rocker volume ribbon cable* (ouch!). Once the cable gets cut through (more ouch!), the sliding is fine again, but the volume buttons are, of course, gone. The phone needs sending to HP for repair (I think) or you need to install TouchVol to control the volume, because the buttons are gone for good.

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