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    Guys, problem!!

    My power button is not working at all. Im not quite sure why, and i haven't even dropped it. Also, after this issue popped up, my power button sort of functioned for a little while where i could press and hold to get the switch off options. But even if i selected it, it never switches off, it just restarts. But now my power button doesn't work at all, even if i press and hold.

    Also another weird thing is that when i move the 'silent' button from one side to the other and back again, the screen goes blank and thats it. I have to do a battery pull to recover.

    Though they are two separate issues I'm convinced they are linked as i didn't have neither of these problems earlier and they both came at the some time. It's almost like (or hope) its a software issue rather than hardware.

    In such a mess with such a beautiful OS

    Any help is very much appreciated!
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    Guys, any thoughts? :/
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    i have a suggestion.throw your recent set and get another mobile!

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