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    The Pre 3 vibe. It goes to 11.

    As for the ringer switch... I feel like every time I take the back cover off I'm going to destroy the ringer switch. Just pop it right off and it's going to go shooting across the room never to be seen again. Might try a small piece of electrical tape to tighten that up a little. That bit of rattle can be very annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevets View Post
    The Pre 3 vibe. It goes to 11.
    Coming fresh from a Pre 2, I agree. Strong vibrate. Then again that's better than too weak. I kinda like it.

    Just keep it in your pocket. *cough*
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    The funny thing about those loud vibrates, is that it defeats the purpose of vibrate
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    Loud vibrate's better than annoying ringtone. Unless you're trying to hide the fact you have a phone on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
    Also like it but when declining a call with ringer switch off it actually plays a beeping tone. Kind of annoying when you sit in a meeting or a library.
    I think that only happens when you have headphones on or phone is on the Touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightburn View Post
    I fixed the ringer switch rattle noise on mine by precisely cutting a piece of electrical tape around the hole on the inside of the battery cover. Worked like a charm.
    Quote Originally Posted by syeager View Post
    i agree with Nightburn, i also put a small strip of electrical tape on the back cover next to the very loose ringer switch and it is much quieter. it is a very strong vibrate but i am often in very noisy environments and i cannot do without vibrate. it is much better now. good thread and good post Nightburn.
    It is incredible how these posts just helped me in 2015! The rattle of the ringer switch always drove me nuts but never did a search for a solution. Did a quick search, got some electrical tape and voilá... my Pre3 vibration is nicer than beforeeee, still strong of course....
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    yeah, its it a bit to strong, especially on stone counters or tables.
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