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    My Pre3 is the best phone I've ever used. If you can get one, don't hesitate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre4 View Post
    @ehosey2: Thanks for letting us know about Pre3 batteries on eBay. Can you provide a link? I just did a "pre 3 battery" search on eBay and it doesn't find any.
    Just search for the seller named "oneofakindseller90" on ebay. He seems to be the only one that has them. They have increased in price a since I bought mines. He is legit and the battery is good.
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    If the Pre 3 is indeed the swansong for webOS, then what a way to go. Great device.

    I would recommend one even on the basis that you are buying a piece of history.

    If you want something futureproofed though, go for Apple.
    Pre 3 & TouchPad. Flying in the face of the jesusPhone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    Those limitations were stated in this link (see Ozpeter's post). Maybe they'll be addressed, maybe not. How does that mobile site work on other devices (Android, iOS)?
    that site works fine on my iphone (though it looks like it running at a lower resolution) and doesn't work at all on my Cell venue pro with windows phone mango. Don't have an andriod phone anymore to try it on, got rid of it.
    iPhone 4s 64gb for personal, at&t Prē 3 for business. Best of both worlds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    While I think Google Maps is better than Bing Maps - the Bing Map works fine too.

    Plus Google Maps *is* available through their mobile site - just save a shortcut to that - voila.
    No latitude support. Otherwise Bing is fine, save for the terrible traffic support.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just registered here

    I'm from Belgium and just bought a Pre3 although they never sold them over here and they are VERY hard to find !
    Got one brand new from

    I really love it, have had many smartphones, and this one does multitasking perfectly.

    I really hope they don't let WebOS die !!!!

    PS. Even looking to get a Touchpad from ebay

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    I just registered too. I just wanted to say I am switching from Android to WebOS. I ordered a Palm Pre +.
    There are many things wrong with Android but i decided not to mention them. People may ask though why I have chosen to switch to dead platform. I say that "WebOS ain't dead, You all are just scared!" The Sidekicks are dead. Windows 98 is dead. the Kin phones are dead. WebOS has millions of users worldwide. The OS is too good to ignore even at this point in time. Plus I'm sick of Android.
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    I have an Android that I use for work. To me, it boils down to:
    1) If you're dependent on Google apps (google voice, gmail, maps, etc), get an Android
    2) If apps are a big deal for you, get an iPhone
    3) If user experience is at the top of your list, and you barely use apps, get a Pre 3.

    Apps aren't a huge deal for me. I need the biggies, facebook, twitter, yelp, etc. After that, I'm not a huge app guy. But google apps are. I use gmail for both my work and my personal, my main number is a google voice number, and the gps on my droid is the best I've ever used, and I love it.

    But, if I could only have one, I'd probably go with webOS. But it would be tough to give up the tight gmail integration. I *hate* our email app.
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    At the time being, the other players in the marked made significant changes and improved a lot, in all fields : usability, performance, apps, hardware. Webos was great and pretty much ahead of it's times, but now i feel like it's pretty much left behind in almost all fields. It still has a nice feeling, but now Ice Cream Sandwitch and also BBX have many of webos initial (unique) features, while bringing a lot of new and exciting stuff to the table. ICS being free and Android grabbing a lot of market and mind share, all kind of sizes, form factors, prices looks like a winner to me. Changes by Mr Duarte look great and Android moved very fast from a sluggish and not at all polished os to a sleek looking and pretty much complete one.

    My guess is that WebOS will die, unfortunately, at least for phones and tablets.

    - if HP wants to continue the race they need to bring up the big guns and huge piles of cash to compete. This means new great hardware, developers, way better carrier penetration. I don't think they are willing to do that, since not even doing all this to perfection doesn't mean they will be successful. Android and iOS are very very strong in consumer market and RIM owns businesses. BBX will be fine and RIM still has a lot more mind share than webos does to make people buy their incoming phone if they manage to bring great hardware to the table ( i like playbook os and if android apps support will be good they will move some good numbers of units). WP Mango looks pretty nice and with good Nokia hardware will surely sell a lot too.

    - I don't see any very big company interested in buying WebOS. I mean a company who can really make a difference and give us all a great experience.

    i hope i am wrong and some nice things will happen, but...
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    Consider this:

    The Pre 3, with that larger screen and faster CPU and WebOS on it, it the best WebOS smartphone to date. Perhaps the last one. If you are a WebOS fan - if WebOS is the mobile OS for you, then, its quite likely that you will really enjoy and value this device. I know I do - I don't regret a single dollar I spent on it.

    In the next year, the choices that you will face will be considerable, when looking at your next smartphone, if a WebOS smartphone isn't an option for you any more: Android, iOS, WM8, and BBX.

    All of them will be on state-of-the-art hardware, with very mature OS's, including BBX's apparent to attempt to take almost every good feature from WebOS and implement it in itself - it might actually be, at that point, a natural migration for current WebOS users, if WebOS has been shelved for smartphones for good.

    While it's certainly a shame to have this dark cloud over such a promising ecosystem, remember, there will be alternatives to choose from, in the future, on really terrific hardware.

    Remember, nothing is forever, except our love for our family and friends... everything else is, unfortunately, subject to change at a moment's notice, pending a new business plan that is deemed by some guys/gals trying to maximize shareholder value, that is more profitable, more efficient, or less resource consuming!

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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