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    Depending on the future of webOS, instead of android, I wouldn't mind seeing WP7 on the Pre 3.

    And yes, I do understand that there aren't many Pre 3 owners and that we are all very loyal to webOS, I love messing around with phones, tablets and computer with different operating systems.

    What are your thoughts on this? And also, how many people on these forums own a Pre 3?

    Perhaps HP is willing to do a port to WP7 in case they decide to discontinue our beloved operating system...

    Petition anyone?

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    I'd rather get one of those fancy nokia phones if/when I make the jump to WP7.
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    I wouldn't mind having the pre 3 form factor on WP whatever. I like the physical keyboard of the pre 3 better than any of the other options out there... (not really interested in Blackberry, unfortunately)
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    Unfortunately, this will never officially be allowed by Microsoft because the Pre 3 hardware doesn't meet the Windows Phone 7 hardware specification requirements. The guts are likely up to snuff (haven't really trolled the spec sheet for exact processor models), but the lack of required physical buttons is the obvious point of rejection from officially supporting WP7.

    In order to create a standard, baseline experience, all WP7 phones must have six (6) dedicated hardware buttons – back, Start, search, 2-stage camera, power/sleep and volume buttons.

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    personally, I am 1000 percent of anyone changing their WebOS phone/tablet to another operating system. Its sacrilege! - that beign said, I do own a pre3 and LOVE IT.
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    No way I will put anything else on my pre3 beside WebOS. It is surely have a beauty because of it. If I dumped WebOS with other OS, then pre3 lost it beauty. IMO, if I like windows phone, I better buy the real one.

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