I just recently got my Pre 3 and after i set it up using the "global paid app catalog access" thread i noticed that my Pre 3 and my touchpad doesn't synchronize with each other. Specifically the official apps ie calendar, contacts using the default webos account.

Also in this page: "https://ps.palmws.com/palmcsext/console/pages/LoginPage.iface" the device name doesn't show up on my Pre 3. I tried changing the default name template from the "device info" app but still nothing. I can change the name on the touchpad fine though and the website update accordingly.

The only thing that i did differently from the catalog access thread was moving step 13 (inserting sim) to the last step. The app catalog works fine as far as i can tell as well and the apps that i have on touchpad gets synced to the Pre 3.

Is this due to the activation bypass or is this normal?