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    In the Veer forum there's a thread about getting rid of the AT&T carrier logo that flashes up and then zoom-fades at the end of the Luna boot. The Pre3 is plagued with the same ugly logo (I wouldn't want it even if I was using AT&T!). In that thread (, kngkelly provided a nice old-school blue Palm logo, and then this evening LurkerX provided the location for the boot logo file on the Pre 3. So....

    the carrier boot logo is here:


    if you rename or delete it (with Internalz Pro for example), then the logo won't show at all.

    or, you can replace it with the attached logo file for a nice effect at the end of the Luna boot as the HP logo switches to the nice blue palm logo on a black background, then zoom-fades away. Enjoy.

    (edit: lol@me... just noticed how many times I used the word 'nice'. no thesaurus handy I guess)
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    Thank you! Worked great.
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    makes you want to do Luna restarts all day, just to see the Palm logo flash up for a moment, doesn't it?
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    Made two more if anyone is interested.

    Thanks johnsonx42 and LurkerX
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    TP + P3 = synergized
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    Nice Palm logo on the first one. WebOS lettering is strong, too.

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