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    I have the Pre3 running on AT&T and when I'm using the Bing Maps app, the GPS is fine for a few minutes but will stop tracking me after a while. I recently added the AT&T Navigator app to my monthly billing and have found that if I open the Navigator app, Bing Maps will find my location again. I know this was a known issue on Verizon with the Pre+. Can anyone else confirm this disastrous behavior?
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    I have an at&t pre3, and the gps continues to work. I don't think it's accurate to jump directly to accusing them of crippling something in your phone.
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    I've been using it for 3 weeks now. My experience is real and i've been measuring it from Hollywood, CA to Medford, OR and all the way down to San Francisco, taking a completely different route. It is either a severe bug or a disgusting crippling of services. I'm surprised you're offensive about this when you know this was an issue on verizon. So anyway, anybody have any real input on this thoroughly tested issue?
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    Cantaffordit: if it will please you, change the thread title to add a question mark after the (!!). I would like it to read the same.
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    I have an at&t Pre 3 and the GPS has been very accurate so far. I travel a lot and use the bings map frequently. I live in the SoCal area.
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    Interestingly, I have the Verizon pre3, and Verizon does NOT screw with the GPS on bing maps. I had the pre2 on Verizon, and they would interfere with the GPS until I bought Verizon navigator. That is so wrong for a company to do that!
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    I am not having any issues either. I don't use the navigator service so maybe there is a bug but my gps is the best of any device I have ever had. Locks on right away, even indoors.

    And yes this is an ATT 16 GB in the ATT network in north Los Angeles area.
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    Very interesting. I live in the SoCal area as well. The issue started before I began using the navigator app. Bing maps does find my position VERY quickly, however, I've noticed it stops tracking my movement after a few minutes and will not find me until I open the navigator app. When I do, Bing instantly jumps to my current location.

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