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    I live in the UK and bought a Touchpad in the firesale that happened over here a few months back, i had never used WebOS before and loved it from the very first moment , everything is so intuative to use compared to Android.
    I love my Touchpad so much that i bought myself the 16gb Pre 3 from the USA , the seller kindly gave me the unlock code with the phone and now it runs very well on Orange UK network.
    I have been using the Pre 3 for a couple of days now and overall i really like it there are a couple of little things like the scrolling isnt to smooth sometimes and the camera isnt amazing but the worst thing is that the battery is quite frankly ****.
    Has anyone got a list of patches that i should install on my pre 3 to make it just a little bit better, maybe there should be a sticky to help us noobs like in the Touchpad section.
    Cheers guys for any info , ive been lurking for a while and i am here to stay as i am a big WebOS fan , these forums have been a really helpfull to me with my Touchpad , not only that there are some fantastic people on here that have some really interesting things to say.
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    Battery life with the Pre3 is actually fairly good in my experience (comparable to other smartphones).

    First you need to get through a couple of re-charge cycles to get full capacity.
    Then there are a few things you can check and do to optimize your battery life.

    The default screen brightness is way too high for normal indoor use. No doubt set by Californians outside the office. ;-)

    Turn the screen brightness down to minimum - that's still plenty for indoors. Turn it higher as needed when outside in sunshine. Screen is one of the 2 big power guzzlers.

    Set your Email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever to reasonable intervals. Unless you are a salesmen you probably don't need EMail updates every 55 seconds. Set it to something like 30 minutes.

    Go through your apps and see whether they produce constant notifications - switch off all you don't really need.

    Don't use 3G unless you have to. Even if you are on a flatrate and don't have to worry about costs. Set every wifi you can get access to. Wifi uses a lot less energy than 3G.
    Most of the time most people use their phones at home, at office - or perhaps a cafe like Starbucks. And most of these places offer free wifi (at least you should to yourself ;-) ). YMMV here of course.

    Whenever you are in a cinema, conference or even driving (and you phone is not a car kit) consider setting your Pre3 to airplane mode instead of just mute.
    Or at least switch off 3G data while driving. I hope you don't intend to browse while driving and it costs extra power to keep internet connection while moving and constantly re-connecting to new towers.

    Install Preware and get the following:
    * Data in Device Menu
    * Muffle System Logging
    * Ad Blocker

    While you are at it I also recommend:
    * Unthrottle Download Manager
    * Quiet powerd Messages
    * Remove Dropped Package Logging
    * Disable Light Sensitive Dimming

    My GF doesn't use data much and mostly uses the Pre3 as a phone. She gets 3-4 days.
    I'm using the Pre3 a lot - and get easily through the day.

    The Pre- was very borderline. When well managed and with solid cell tower coverage it just about got through most of my days. But too often did not and that got worse overy time with the battery gradually loosing max capacity.

    With the Pre3 and above patches and settings I stopped worrying.
    My friends with Iphones charge them every night just the same as I do with my Pre3.
    Pre -> Pre3 & TP32 -> Nexus 5

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