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    Which will have the better data speed?

    Will the Pre 3 pickup AT&T's so called "4G" speeds?

    Will the Pre 3 pickup T-Mobile's so called "4G" speeds?
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    Unlocked Europe or AT&T Pre3 models can run AT&T 3G/4G data speeds. Verizon Pre3 cannot run on AT&T or T-Mobile networks. Unlocked Europe or unlocked AT&T Pre3's can run on T-Mobile network but only with slower 2.5G EDGE data speed.

    So best to use an unlocked GSM Pre3 on AT&T, not T-Mobile if you want fastest data speed.
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    to elaborate on what pre4 said, there is simply no choice if all you are looking for is raw data speed. The Pre 3 doesn't support the 1700 MHz AWS band that T-Mobile uses for their "4G" data, so you are effectively capped at EDGE. At least on AT&T you get to make full use of their HSPA network. Make sure you get an AT&T Pre 3 though as the difference between it and the EU version is having the North American 850 MHz band instead of the European/rest of the worldly 900 MHz band. An EU Pre 3 would potentially only have access to "half" the network (or two thirds...).

    How good AT&T is in your neck of the woods could be highly variable, but it should at least give you more potential than T-Mobile, which gives you nothing but EDGE.
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