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    I know this is a commonly hashed over topic, but I'm throwing this out there. Is there an app or service like the Blackberry Traffic? It's basically a navigation app minus the maps. It figures the fastest route based on traffic data and gives you turn by turn instructions that is constantly updated and recorrects if you miss a turn even. It was a great simple navigation tool (I really don't care about a map as long as I have a turn by turn). One of the couple of things I'm missing from my jump over from the Torch.
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    Heheh, I miss BB Traffic too. webOS aside, was/is there a similar app on other platforms as well?
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    I found that mapquest works fine. I didn't like google navigation and waze. I miss my blackberry traffic too. It was easy to read and showed estimated time of arrival, miles until you are at the next point, the time etc. I mean everything was right there on that one screen. And the lady's voice was nice as well. Hopefully this helps someone and hopefully blackberry traffic would consider selling its app to android customers because I would definitely buy it!

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