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    Hi just got an AT&T Pre 3 and installed Govnah on it. I see that the Processor is running at 1.4ghz but there seems to be just one Core running. I saw threads here mentioned Pre 3 only runs on single Core but I thought I saw somewhere saying that Pre 3 does come with Dual-Core. So just want to verify if I was misinformed or indeed there are copies out there running Dual-Core just that my copy didn't happen to be one...

    Also I have installed the Uber Kernal but the processor still runs on 1.4ghz, just wonder if there's any news on when Pre 3 can be overclocked? Or just that I did not have the right kernel installed?

    Thanks for all the time and help. This is such a great phone and look forward to find out more about it. Have a great day
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    It's single core. And there's no overclock at the moment.
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    Yes single core only. And Uberkernel does not overclock but it does help manage the limited amount of RAM available on the Pre3 to avoid TMC errors (at the expense of sometimes becoming very sluggish)

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    I have not yet tried it, but Warthog is also now available on the Pre3. Do not know if it adds any overclocking (don't recall from the Preware description). I've always had good stability on my TouchPad with Warthog.
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