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    thanks for the update, i hope it get fixed and can donate!
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    i hope we are not done with this yet.
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    Any updates on the 'official' patch? Or an eta for the app appearing in the App Catalog for the Pre 3?
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    Hopefully soon.
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    I pm'd spdsktr for a copy of this app for Pre3, but I see he's not been on for a couple of days. I demand INSTANT service for this free app on a canceled phone that officially doesn't exist!
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    I still don't find white pages . I'm guessing it won't be coming to the pre then .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    in a previous post in this thread the dev of this app says he does have a pre3 compatible version, and said we could pm him for it (which I did). I have no idea what is stopping it from being available in the app catalog.
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    I am out of the country for another week.
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    I just noticed today that this app didn't transfer from my Pre- to my Pre 3. I loved this app and I'm hoping to see it soon. Thanks for putting this together.
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    is there any chance to get the enyo version of this patch for 2.2.4 phone pre2/pre3?

    only for 2.1:
    webOS-Patches Web Portal

    since the US version is not done all the localisised web-versions aren't transfered the enyo as well like "Reverse number lookup GERMAN"

    and it's even more a pain as you can't copy/paste the unknown number out of the enyo phone app now.

    could this code be used to start off developing the patch, is there an more enhanced version by now?
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