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    Anyone try the new Warthog kernel on their Pre 3? On the TouchPad, I've always found it more stable than F4 or F15C and have thus preferred it. I've been having a pretty stable experience with UberKernel on my Pre 3... Wondering if I want to fiddle with what seems to be working pretty well of late.
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    lol good luck
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    I want to know too

    I may try it later tonight.
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    IDK, while it is fun upgrading to faster kernels, I am really pleased with the speed of my Pre 3 with the stock kernel unlike my Sprint Pre.
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    I've been running it all day. Nice and clean so far for me. Had to disable the Damn compcache as usual, but otherwise nice. Make sure to disable the default scheduler if you install this as it uses an alt one.

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