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    Loving my new pre3, but I have to admit one fairly large annoyance:

    I am an avid twitter user, the auto-correct feature is playing havoc with the @Replies/Mentions and #Hashtags.

    If you use these features, you know that a large majority of them are not actual words, and some are intentional near-misspellings of words.

    I don't want to turn it off, and it isn't practical to input each and every Tag/ID that I use. Can anyone think of an easy way to stop the auto-correct feature from auto-correcting words prefixed by @/# symbols? .... or a handy patch?
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    After an autocorrection happens just hit backspace and it changes the word back.
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    After an auto correction, click on the word that the spelling changed, and select the original spelling then click it again and add it to your dictionary. I have about 40 words added to mine already. *** was the first one added... And you can remove or edit the added words by clicking on the text assist in settings then edit user dictionary.

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    Thanks, All. ... I am aware of all of that, and was hoping for more of a default solution. But the plot has thickened anyway ....

    Over the weekend, I see a new problem with auto-correct. I am calling it re-auto-correct. Or maybe auto-auto-correct? ...

    I use Spaz as my twitter client, and it is excellent. But at least three times, I have specifically hit back-space to decline an auto-correct, then watched the Pre3 re-auto-correct the word *AFTER* I hit send on the tweet via Spaz.

    For example .... I type "@lfletche" as the twitter @-Reply. Pre3 auto-corrects to @Fletcher, and I hit backspace returning the text to "lfletche", and then added "lfletche" to my user dictionary. Typed the rest of the tweet, hit send ... and watched in horror as the pre re-auto-corrected the word and sent the update to Twitter.

    I swear I am not making this up or hallucinating. It has happened at least three times. I now take a deep breath and cross my fingers every time I send an update. ;-0
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    A patch to prevent auto correct on words beginning with # or @ would be great.
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