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    Hey guys, been a long time lurker on the forums. Finally decided to join after taking the plunge on my Pre3. (I'm in the USA)

    Bought my Pre3 from a seller on Amazon for a pretty good price. $230 total shipped.
    I've got the 16GB ATT version. It came with the unlock code. (more on that later)

    I ported my number from Sprint to H20 Wireless and here are the steps that I took so this will hopefully clear up some of the questions. I've read most of the threads about it and they weren't too clear but had bits and pieces of useful info. Here goes....

    These were the steps that I took not sure if it was the most efficient, but hey my phone is working now.

    1. Bought Pre3 from Amazon
    2. Bought H2O Unlimited Wireless Starter Kit from Best Buy for $9.99
    3. Created an account on H2O's website.
    4. Filled in the Port Number form on H2O's website.
    5. Waited about 2-3 hours and it went through.
    6. Next you have to call H2O customer service to add minutes to your plan. Be prepared to wait. But it wasn't too bad. I got through in about 15-20 mins. BTW H2O cust. phone svc closes at midnight Eastern time. I called at like 10pm and got someone right away.
    7. Once they've added minutes and charged your credit card you are good to go.
    8. I was able to sync and put my webOS account on the phone and I'm getting HSPA+ evident by the H+ icon.

    Weird things....
    A. there are multiples of some apps like youtube which I don't know how to delete.
    B. The phone never asked for an unlocked code, even though I have one so....not sure what the deal is there.
    C. Haven't tried to go to developer mode, but I don't think it is necessary, at least for now.

    So far so good. I've had it up and running for a few hours now so I can post an update if people need. Hope this helps anyone who is on the fence. Ask away and I'll see if I can answer questions. Cheers!
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    A. That is weird. I don't know why that would be.

    B. It turns out locked AT&T phones do work on H2O, even though H2O's website says the phone needs to be unlocked. This clearly just a side effect of the fact that H2O is reselling AT&T service. Their agreement with AT&T probably says they can't advertise the fact that locked AT&T phones will work. Keep that unlock code around though, you never know when it might be needed.

    C. You don't need devmode until you want to install Preware or do anything else with webOS Quick Install (WOSQI).
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    Thanks for the reply....
    yeah I've got 3 youtube icons in the application page. I don't know how to delete the extra ones.

    Good call on the unlock code. I am definitely hanging on to that one.
    I would have thought that it would ask for the code since the SIM is not really an AT&T SIM.

    I went for the longest time on my Pre without using dev mode. I only enabled it because of the WIFI hotspot app. The app transferred over but I haven't tested it just yet. I will need too though soon, since Sprint just canceled Unlimited data on their MiFi's.
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    (18:12:25)SUPPORT:Welcome to H2OWIRELESS. Please wait for the next available representative.
    (18:17:21)SUPPORT: Thank you for contacting customer service, my name is YOMA. How can I help you?
    (18:17:32)Dan McCarthy: jahah
    (18:17:38)Dan McCarthy: your name is yomama?!
    (18:17:55)Dan McCarthy: I have an error when I try to buy minutes
    (18:17:59)SUPPORT: what sorry
    (18:18:05)SUPPORT: what the error
    (18:18:07)Dan McCarthy: Authentication Failure Please Be sure to contact Call Center (Error code: -1)
    (18:18:43)Dan McCarthy: I tried 2 credit card 3 times
    (18:19:01)Dan McCarthy: the cards are fine... used them a few minutes ago
    (18:19:31)Dan McCarthy: muy # is (redacted)
    (18:20:08)SUPPORT: I apologize for any inconveniences.
    (18:24:52)Dan McCarthy: So are you looking into it? any ideas?
    (18:25:10)SUPPORT: please contact are customer services at 18006434926
    (18:25:19)SUPPORT: to help you with the recharge
    (18:25:30)Dan McCarthy: ok
    (18:25:50)Dan McCarthy: another thing:
    (18:26:19)Dan McCarthy: is there a limit on the amount of data I can use on the unlimited plan? can I use 7 gigabytes in one month?
    (18:29:12)Dan McCarthy: Ae you still there?
    (18:29:44)Dan McCarthy: Hm
    (18:30:03)SUPPORT: there no limits on the data is unlimited...
    (18:30:32)Dan McCarthy: Are you sure because I've heard of some people who get their data turned off because they use too much
    (18:32:05)Dan McCarthy: Are you chatting with 10 other people? Your responses are taking really long.
    (18:34:21)Dan McCarthy: no comment?
    (18:34:41)Dan McCarthy: Must be chatting with like 40 other ppl
    (18:35:17)SUPPORT: I apologize for any inconveniences.
    (18:35:35)SUPPORT: the service for the 60 unlimited everything is unlimited
    (18:35:38)SUPPORT: is there anything else I may assist you with?
    (18:36:01)Dan McCarthy: I asked if you were sure about the unlimited data becaus eI'vve heard ppl get cut off after a certain amount
    (18:36:36)SUPPORT: yes im sure
    (18:36:44)Dan McCarthy: ok thanks bye

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