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    I got a new Pre3 off ebay and the GPS and compass seem to not work right. Can you tell me if this is normal behavior?

    The compass (in Quick Compass) seems to be pointing ~35deg east or north, and is quite unstable, always twitching around within a few degrees. If the phone isn't completely level/flat, the compass varies wildly, and will often show the opposite of what it shows when flat.

    When I first got it GPS didn't work at all, but after a hard reset (what HP told me to do) it worked for a day, and after another hard reset, it's been mostly working. Still takes a few seconds to get the signal and then doesn't update reliably, and then losing the signal for periods of time, while my pre- next to it is getting the signal fine.

    Is this normal for the Pre3?
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    The gps isn't always on (to save battery) and it's normal for it to take a few minutes before it can given any location information can be read. Other than that, GSP has been fairly reliable on my device

    And about Quick Compass, yea, it's to be expected. The phone need to be completely level for an accurate reading, and even then, it will twitch within a few degrees. And it's definitely possibly some devices have more sensitive/less sensitive compasses than others; but regardless, you should consider it an occationally-useful novelty, which is why I released the app free
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