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    Hi all has anyone else found the pre 3 shows a poor network signal, tried 3 different sim cards all the same only get a 3 bar signal, and Is there any way to strengthen it .I am in the UK . Many thanks
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    I get full bars all the time but I am in Hong Kong

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    Four bars in the UK on vodafone.

    I would of thought i would of noticed if it never got the full 5 bars.
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    Hi - I am on Vodafone (UK) and also find on my Pre 3 that it's not as good as getting a signal as my previous -non smart phone!

    It rarely gets above 3 bars, and often seems to be searching for a signal in places that I have not have trouble before with my old phone - even at home.

    Thought it was just my phone. . . .
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    I'm in the UK and do not have these problems, always got full signal at work and outside. At home it's slightly less, say about 3 or 4 bars. Works absolutely fine for me. I'm on O2, got the phone with Vodafone originally and that was fine also...
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    I'm on verizon, and I actually see a slight improvement over my pre2 and pre plus
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    Bars are a meaningless measurement. You can't use them to compare phones.

    Manufacturers can calibrate these to mean anything. Even the total number of bars is a convention not a rule.

    Example. Apple solved antennagate by simply redefining the calibration of the bars in a software update.
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    I've noticed that it often takes a while to re-find the signal. If the signal drops, as it does when I walk down the corridor between my office and my lab, where in both locations I have signal, then it takes ages to come back to having any signal. A quick swipe of the menu and reselecting "only 2G", "only 3g" etc, whatever you were using before (it doesn't seem to matter) then the phone instantly finds the signal again...

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