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    Usually when you slide the phone it will turn on, nit with me, not anymore. Two things happened, not sure which this is cause of nor what the solution is.
    1. My phone fell on the floor, everything seemed ok, I may just not have noticed this issue. It fell about 4 days ago.
    2. I just meta doctored my AT&T Pre 3 to the EU pre 3 due to having a problem being unable to log on my webOS profile, on the it reported my is version as 9.9.9. Thanks to Hytl who posted this post I was able to log on my profile.

    Yesterday I noticed that the phone was not responding to the slide, every time I slide, I would need to press the space bar to respond. I did the hardware test from the device info app could not sense the slide but if I ran the test with the slider open it would give me one picture and if the slider was closed it would give another picture, indicating that the sensor is working to some extent.

    Any idea how to tackle this?
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    does anyone know where the sensor would be located?

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