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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonx42 View Post
    $60 then for H2O's really unlimited plan? Ok, great. Throttled data though,
    What exactly does "throttled data" mean. Do they allow you to transfer data at H+ speeds up to 2GB in 30 days or not?

    I'm on T-Mobile and the EDGE speeds are killing me. If understand correctly I'd be paying an extra $120 per year for HSPA+ speeds which is totally worth it to me.

    What am I missing?
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    I don't know the exact speeds to expect on an AT&T MVNO, but my understanding is that while your phone will show the H+ symbol, the actual data transfer throughput is throttled by AT&T to 3G-equivalent speeds. It will certainly be plenty faster than EDGE though.
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    Sprint is $79.99 a month, unlimited mobile to mobile/unlimited text & SMS/unlimited data/free navigation and 450 minutes of talk with no rollover

    at&t is $84.99 a month unlimited mobile to mobile/unlimited text & SMS/2GB of data usage/$9.95 for navigation and 450 minutes with rollover

    I never go over 1GB usage of data and don't need the Nav app so for 5 more bucks a month and to be able to continue to use webOS with the awesome Pre 3 I say he11 yes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Excimer View Post
    In the real world ATT going back and forth between 3G and 4G makes for more battery drain than the Verizon. I was down to 10% by 6 pm in NYC with ATT and at 30% with Verizon. The difference is remarkable in the real world. Verizon wins on real life time regardless of the talk time if ATT is constantly going between 4G and 3G. Web and talk is a real plus on the ATT.

    But "best" carrier for this smartphone in my book is very clear. Verizon.
    There is no going back and forth between 3G and "4G" on AT&T. ATT's 3g and 4g is the exact same thing for this particular phone.
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    Hi guys, not sure i've i missed this question on earlier post or not, but does anybody know if a vzn pre 3 would work with metro pcs in southern california.
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