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    I discovered something that is really great when the Touchpad and the Pre3 are linked via bluetooth. Once these two devices are linked, you can connect other bluetooth devices to these devices and they all work, simultaneously.

    Let me site an example: I was talking on the phone with my Pre3 using a bluetooth headset. While on the phone, I received a test message from someone. The test message not only went to my phone but it also went to my Touchpad. I was able to receive and send text messages using my Touchpad even though my phone's bluetooth was active with my bluetooth headset.

    I did not realize that a device could function with two other devices simultaneously with bluetooth until now. This makes the ability to connect my phone and tablet together more valuable in that it does not limit my ability to use my bluetooth headset at the same time. This is a really great asset in having the Pre3 with a Touchpad.
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    Unfortunately, the touchpad will not pair to both a headset and a phone simultaneously, although it will pair to a headset and a keyboard. I'd like to be able to have my phone and myheadset both paired to the touchpad at the same time so that I can use the touchpad as a music device. Instead, I get to dual pair my headset to my ipod and my cell phone. Yay. :|

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    is it possible to connect the Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard to the TP or Pre?
    I can't seem to do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by le_risque View Post
    is it possible to connect the Apple bluetooth wireless keyboard to the TP or Pre?
    I can't seem to do it
    Supposed to be able too (at least for the TouchPad; not sure if the Pre supports BT keyboard profiles), but you need to enter a specific passcode. Someone mentioned it on here before. Like 88888888 or something like that. Search for it.
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