Trying to get the auto-bcc feature set-up for my Pre3 email on my 2.2.3 Pre3.

I can't get this one to work in 2.2.3 ...

It is my understanding that Sconix's excellent series of patches would also make this happen, so I have installed several patches from Preware, including

Advanced System Prefs - Email Prefs (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38
Advanced System Prefs - Framework (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38

But I am not seeing any impact on my email app, and see no additional functionality. Am I missing something?

I also have these installed:

Advanced System Behavior v2.2.3-41
Advanced System Prefs - Messaging Prefs (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38
Advanced System Prefs - System Prefs (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38
Advanced System Menu (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38
Advanced System Menus - Framework (ATT/VZW) v2.2.3-38