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    Does the att Pre3 support the UMTS 2100 frquency? I want to know if 3G would be supported outside the US
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    PRE 3 is support UMTS 2100, I used it in China, i can use China-Unicom 3G data service.
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    Yes, I can use in Vietnam
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    Your AT&T Pre3 supports these UMTS frequency bands: 850, 1900, 2100 MHz. The Europe Pre3 supports these UMTS bands: 900, 1900, 2100. The Verizon Pre3 supports UMTS bands 900 and 2100.

    So any Pre3 you can get supports the UMTS 2100 frequency which is common in Africa, Asia, and Europe but not used in the USA.

    Whether your Pre3 is unlocked and can be used on a different carrier than AT&T is a different question.
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    thanx guys, I didn't wanna run into another pre2 situation

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