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    Good Luck, ajaffarali!

    After you've used it a while, it would be interesting to get your insights into the transition from the iOS and iphone, on this thread or a new one.
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    I've both an iPhone 4 and just got a Pre 3. They're both superb phones. I'm on orange here in England and the SMS web etc is flawless. Synergy is great, syncs brilliantly with my touchpad and is a joy to use . The build quality is superb, great OS which is very quick and intuitive, at times it makes the iOS seem clunky in comparison though a perfect phone would be a combination of both. Everything works fine, 3G battery life is not good and the phone does look dated so dont let that put you off but I have all the apps I want on it along with the webOS version of Tube deluxe which gives real time info on the London underground. It's a superb phone so yes, go for it. Trust me I'm a mac man all the way and love my iPhone 4 and for other apps im covered yet this holds it's own, let's just say its better than the confusing over done mess which is android
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    As a phone calling SMS contacts etc plus voice quality and ease of use is spot on better than I expected. 2g battery life is on par with a nokia 6700 , It could do with a virtual keyboard though as sometimes it's a chore to slide it open when only wishing to type a word or two . As an iPhone 4 user I can state confidently that the pre 3 is a great phone in its own right. Ok the iPhone has the edge in terms of fluidness as regards multi touch scrolling zooming and simplicity and rendering but nothing can touch the iPhone in this respect not even the latest androids so this isn't an issue
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