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    I have a few questions for anybody currently using a pre 3 with bell.

    as anybody knows of course about the original, the data tracking was completely screwed on the CDMA network and allows you to basically stream for hours and see like 0.5 mbs used in self-serve. I heard varying stories from both ends about how tracking works on HSPA and how it also doesn't. as the APN seems to work for some and others not for masking actual data usage...i was wondering if perhaps other people had experiences with it? with that in mind i have a plan for 38 a month that with that data trick (i have 500 megs according to plan though) i have virtually unlimited everything, and i dont feel like paying more as i am a student.

    also, from a transitional perspective, is there anything i should know about switching? anybody had any issues regarding network or compatibility? im on the fence about buying one and i could really use the updates it has, im just concerned about whether its more trouble than its worth as im running a pre- with webos 2.1, just a little slow.
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    I use freeTether with my TouchPad daily, for 10 hours/day. My average monthly consumption, according to them, is ~40MB. I'm well over 5GB in reality. I'm not willing to upgrade. My 2 cents.
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    well, my pre- is on its way out surprised it even lasted as long as it has. i was going to either buy a replacement or the pre 3. its like 100 dollars more maybe for a pre 3 and it offers things i want such as skype, a GPS, more power for multi-tasking (i cant use it without 2.1 at this point, way too used to it and it's additional resources such as the quickoffice app....and it is soooo slow on the pre-) and an apparently usable camera that doesn't take pictures of just blurs; as well as a quicker network to work all of this with.

    i however would not want to switch if i lost my data "scam" or it didn't utilize the new networks or something.

    this was also more to get a more accurate picture of the data tracking on the pre 3, since most of my info about it comes from experiences with unlocked Pre 2`s, and its really hit and miss about whether it works the same as on the CDMA. im sure many on bell are curious about this before they purchase it too.
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    I'm on Rogers, but I have heard from canadian HP resources that the Pre3 was not intended to be brought in Canada...(That was before the august announcements) They could not tell me why, but it could have been one of the issues...

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    FYI, it's not a scam, it's a known issue by Bell. Their reasoning is they are switching from CDMA to HSPA+, they figure eventually everyone will move to the newer phones. Once you switch from CDMA, the free ride is over.
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    That's the word with some, saying HSPA/HSPDA on the Pre 2 tracks properly...but ive heard word as well from people with varying devices that as long as the APN is set to, it still has the data cap on your sessions. if you buy a device locked to bell it will lock it into or and it will be tracked correctly by those (tracks correctly if set to that on a CDMA too)...but since the pre 3 is an unlocked device, it is possible just like with the pre 2 to set it to the defective apn. but some still claim that as soon as you go HSPA, it tracks correctly regardless. im not calling anybody out as i think everybody is experiencing what they are saying, but it is clear that it still works for some people on Pre 2's while others not. If anybody has an experience with this scenario on any unlocked device i highly welcome it here. Getting a decent data limit is upwards of 80 dollars more than what i have, and most people are stuck to the same plan i have with their pres. i think it would make people a lot more willing on this network to upgrade if we had more evidence.

    I placed my order for one on ebay anyway because a few people have gotten it to work and i think i will give it a try as well. I will let you all know how this works out for me in about 2 weeks time when i get everything set up.

    also, it wasn't clear what model it was as it just said "unlocked - 16 gb - hp pre 3" in the title, is at&t the only one that carries these 16 gb phones to their name?
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    I have had my pre2 running on, and my current pre3 set itself to and the data sessions are not capped, they are recorded correctly. The only thing i truly miss about my pre- was the fact that it had capped data sessions :P

    I don't believe you should have any issues when switching between the two, i made the transition from pre- to pre2 fine and from pre2 to pre3 was just as smooth. And yes the at&t pre3 is the only one that is 16gb, the EU unlocked pre3s are 8gb

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