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    I am currently deployed in Afghanistan in a place that has pretty reliable cell service. I purchased a pre3 from ebay and the seller is unlocking it for me before she ships it, which was awfully nice, but I am really hoping I don't get a brick.

    I found this link:

    which describes how to bypass activation if I am to go wifi only. Does it really mean that if I don't activate I won't have access to the appstore? Will I be able to activate an unlocked pre3 on the service here? I know the band matches, but I am pretty sure it is voice/text only, no data service out here. Any ideas peoples? =)
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    Is there any way you can get that person to activate your Profile while the device is in the States? That might be the easiest route.
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    if there is no data service, no internet connection, i consider activation your profile is not necessary.
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    i know in basrah and afghan, the locals sold SIM's that were specific to out there, a lot of people just aquired a SIM for use when there and swapped back to their own when they got home.

    Its a pre3, so unlocked, you should be able to just swap out the required SIM without any fuss/hassle, ask the locals what the score is with the SIM's out there.
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    Try to get it activated in the US, with a US sim card, then swap out for a local one.
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    Used method two, worked like a charm! thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenrushing View Post
    Used method two, worked like a charm! thanks!
    Impressive, folks using a discontinued phone in Afghanistan. I wish HP will be looking at it. What a shame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenrushing View Post
    I am currently deployed in Afghanistan ...
    Are you in the armed services?

    If so, thank you for your service to our country.

    Glad you seamed to get your phone working, hope it helps stay in touch with family back home.

    God bless you and your family.
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    Unfortunately it didn't work as well as I thought it did. It initially let me through and gave me access to the app store and everything. I downloaded Skype so I could talk to the wife and kiddos, and tested it. After maybe a half hour it booted me, logging into "dr skipped first use" and I lost my access to the store.

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