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    I have constant problems with the built in chat client. There is a large list of problems but in summary:

    * You can't have more than one gtalk account setup. Only one of them will work at a time and it appears to be random as to which.

    * Often I can't sign in, it simply refuses even to try. As in no spinning circle or anything. And yes that is with a fully working internet connection.

    * Accounts say they are signed in but are not really, sometimes even while signed off and showing offline it will have some "ghost" contacts showing online.

    * This morning I was sending messages but not receiving any. I didn't realise until I signed into the proper Yahoo client on my PC and got flooded with the responses.

    The only way I have found to temporarily fix most of the above is to completely remove the account in question and re-add it. Although this didn't fix the yahoo problem this morning.

    does anyone know if we connect directly to the IM services or is it via a Palm/HP proxy?
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    The only problem I've experienced of those is the multiple gmail accounts problem, which I then get around by disabling the ones in 'Accounts' that I don't want to use. It's annoying, and I don't remember having that problem on my pre-, but not debilitating.

    I'm hoping the 2.x branch of webos gets the chat enhancements 3.0.4 just got, and we can then sign into chat accounts individually from the messaging client.
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    Check out this thread:

    I am having some of the same issues. This is my biggest gripe with webos 2.1, because it worked PERFECTLY in 1.4.5.

    I'm hoping, praying for a homebrew fix for this... as I doubt it will ever be fixed officially (thanks HP). Its my biggest gripe with the phone as I don't have unlimited SMS.
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