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    I don't trust HP and would like to backup my installed apps. How do I backup apps and data without using HP's backup? I want to backup to USB, not to the server. Is it possible?
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    It should be, but those in the know will not release that information until necessary (i.e. when HP actually shuts off the servers). That's the gateway to piracy, and that's really not what this platform needs at the moment.

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    In short, nothing to worry about right now. webOS-Internals and the rest of the HB community have your back.
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    If you really want to learn how to do it you could look elsewhere on the web. But like the above poster said, there's no real need for it now.
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    I think what would be great is to be able to CREATE a custom webOS DOCTOR for one's own device fully loaded and patched with all apps and all databases to a file that could be used just like any stock doctor to "fix" the phone if the bad day comes would be so great !! could be up and running in minutes from a semi-brick status !!
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    With rooted Android devices you have a backup/restore utility called nandroid. You boot to a recovery menu and backup, which creates some .img files, then flash with whatever rom you want to try out or apply some crazy mod and later on boot back into recovery and restore and you are back to where you were when you backed up.

    I would really like something like this for webOS.


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