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    2 days on the Pre 3 . Back up pre + and signed into profile with old phone in airplane mode incase I needed something. Not really. Used Save restore to import apps out. Looks like im not going to run a restore. I can live without need for speed its choppy and angry birds can start new again idcare.

    So not a single problem so far. Preware installed and uberkernal on palm default. Noticed an updated Kernal today. Min frequecy 123 mhz should help battery.

    GREAT PHONE!! LOVE IT. I use for busy business Entrepenuer Life . Im ****ed off that the WHITE PAGES IS NOT WORKING!

    Everything else seems to be ok. Killed Flixter for a reload later maybe as it was compaing about something. Dropbox , pocketmirrior, and many other things are no problem. I was surprised that all my apps populated after signing into profile. This didnt happen when I installed a warranty pre + in May. Save and restore saved the day there. So good job team. This was a PAINLESS change but I will miss WHITE PAGES. Is there anything else?
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    Those white/yellow pages apps never really worked for me. I've always "Just Typed" the business and googled it. (Doesn't really help for residential numbers, but I can't remember the last time I've even needed to look up somebody's home number.)
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    the white page app was awsome!!!! There is a patch in preware to put a drop down in the phone app for the search. So just check missed calls, touch the number and hit white pages. GREAT GREAT PATCH. 2 seconds and done. No typeing anything....

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