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    So I have a Pre+ that I love, works fine, and is in good condition. I am thinking of buying a Pre3 to extend my WebOS as long as possible since HP has dropped the ball. I now have to decide how much I am willing to spend on a phone that I don't need.

    So I need help on what, if anything, I'll have to spend on accessories for this upgrade. I have 2 cases, 3 touchstones, a car charger, and a few wall chargers/USB cables for my Pre+. I have screen protectors that I bought for almost nothing at a clearance sale but haven't used (I'm not hard on electronics). Can I get by with this collection or will the Pre3 need new stuff?

    Thanks for your advice.
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    I think the only items that will easily carry over are the Touchstones and microUSB cables. The chargers are a maybe (assuming it's the same voltage but perhaps not as much amperage, it should charge, just slower). Depending how big the cases are, they may fit the larger Pre 3. A negative on the screen protectors since Pre 3 screen is a different size (much bigger).
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