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    I've been experiencing a problem with my calendar on both my Pre Plus and now Pre 3.
    The thing is that when i open a date, is does not say which date it is in the top bar as it should. Also, the date is not shown when creating a new appointment.
    The problem wasn't there when i first started using my Pre 3, and i suspect the problem might be with Preware or some patch.

    Did anyone else experience this problem? Or know how to fix it maybe?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yay! Just as i was writting that, i got an idea: Maybe the problem was caused by the face that i changed regional settings do "Denmark"? - I switched it back to UK, and everything works again... Wierd bug, but i can live with that

    Thanks for letting me help myself by creating the post
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    I experience the same thing. I had Swedish format and the date in the title bar of the calendar was gone. Now changed to US and it is working. I want it working in Swedish too. I also have a Pre 3 with webOS 2.2.0.
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    After unpgrading to a Pre3 my calendar month view is different than my Pre+. On the Plus the month view showed a colored dot for each appt. Sometimes more than one per day and multi colors

    On the Pre3 it shows a single gray dot and not even for every appointment.

    I get the colors in the day and week views but not month.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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