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    So I've really been going rounds with this one. My dad has been using a verizon pre+ for awhile now but it really broke down. So I bought him another pre+ but that one has a bad crack now to. I want to get him a new phone where he can be happy for awhile (maybe till another company picks up webos) and don't really want to buy a verizon pre3 just for cost sake and the possibility of it now being able to be used on verizon. But what does everyone here suggest?
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    you will enjoy the pre3 more than the pre2 !! i assure you
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Go for the pre 3 for sure. I don't regret dumping the cash at all. Its slowly but surely dropping in price. Wait a few more days. Also, don't worry about activating it. I had no problems with mine. And there are plenty of other members I have seen activated it fine. Verizon has a open network policy now, allowing other phones. On top of that, the pre 3 is verizon branded, so there won't be issues. If you feel uncomfortable, ask the seller for the ESN/MEID and call verizon.
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    Oh I know I would but it's for my dad and he has always said he liked the screen size. I'm a wp7 user right now but my heart has always wanted a webos phone. But after all that hp/palm has done I've never been able to get my hands on one. I just want dad to have a good phone and one that's usable. I managed to get him a firesale touchpad, and would have wanted one myself but was never able to get one. So I do really want the pre3 so hopefully all the apps and everything work for it
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    Definitely get the Pre3 over the Pre2, I have both and there's no comparison. Also get yourself a 32GB Touchpad too, it's no question the best tablet for $250-300. HP just released a new webOS 3.0.4 Touchpad system update yesterday so it runs really smooth now. And with both the Pre3 and Touchpad, you can do Touch To Share which neither the Pre2 nor Veer can do.
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    Pre 2 for Dad. Pre 3 and Touchpad for you. Simple.
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    The Pre 2 is a great phone for the price. I'm sure your Dad will really like it.
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    what vociferous said.
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    I'm going to offer a dissenting voice here:

    If I could move the Pre3 keyboard onto my Pre2 I would, and I'd go back to it.

    The Pre3 is better on paper, but in actual use my Pre2 felt more responsive and smoother. I get hangs and laggy moments, skipping music if I do other things when listening, and battery life is worse. In contrast, I had no such problems on my 2.

    Don't rule the 2 out because it's not the latest and greatest. I also remain to be convinced that fatter but shorter wasn't a better form factor.

    That said, I haven't gone back to the 2 - so the 3 must be doing something right. However, the reality is that I'd have been no worse off if I'd not availed myself of the 3 when it became available.
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    I only used a Pre 2 for a short while but it was solid and the signal reception was better than previous Pre Pluses and I think a tad better than my pre 3. I could actually maintain a call driving in my parking structure (above ground concrete and steel) and I can not avoid dropping with the pre 3. Granted, this is a somewhat extreme issue. Also, Preware and app catalog will be most plentiful for Pre 2 as OS was around for a long time AND the device was fully supported in US so developers made tons of apps. I think some great developers have now bailed on webOS and consequently many apps and patches are not available for pre 3 and may never be available.
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    It really depends on how much you love your dad and how rich you are

    but I am sure he will be happy with either pre 2 or pre 3. They both good phone... Pre 2 of course is probably the a better phone compare to the price that you can get it for.
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    pre 3 is so much nicer than the pre 2. I played with a 2 before I got my Pre 3 and having bought my 3 I could never use a 2. The screen feels so much smaller even though its only a little less spacious. The pre 3 also feels more solid in the hand and the extra keyboard space is great.
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    Something that has not been mentioned is that cases and quality screen protectors are mostly unavailable for the pre 3. You will have a little better selection of accessories with the pre 2.
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    Go halfway and get a Veer! Of all the devices out there not named the Pre3, it is the most likely to get a 2.2.x update and have greater compatibility with the TouchPad. It's also pretty inexpensive, reasonably available, and likely has more available accessories for it than the never-really-launched Pre3.

    Trade off is the smaller screen, resolution, and keyboard, though the overall size of the device is also minuscule.

    EDIT: Didn't realize this was a Verizon (CDMA) thread. My bad. No Veer for you.
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    Interesting thread. Just got a Pre 2 - and was feeling a bit discouraged and wondering if a Pre 3 was the better way to go.. Let us know what you finally decide..
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    bottom line, if you have the money, go for a pre 3. If not, pre 2 is still pretty good.
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    The Pre 2 for Verizon is a very nice phone. It's even nicer when it's FrankenPre'd to work on Sprint. It seems to operate as fast as my Pre 3 when moving through cards and selecting applications. I think the Pre 2 is easier to use with one hand. It's the perfect size in that respect. An advantage of the bigger sized Pre 3 is that keyboard. That is one fantastic keyboard. While the Pre 2's screen looks pretty darn good, the Pre 3's looks noticeably better with sharper text and excellent color contrast. I can see it when both are on the Touchstone at the same time. The Pre 3 has better blacks.

    I'm using both Pre's with the Pre 2 as my primary and the Pre 3 as a "test" phone. I used T-Mobile for a month and look forward to test driving it on AT&T to experience that fast HSPA+ speed. While I think the Pre 2 will make you very happy, there's that thing about us Sprint users waiting so long for a Pre 3....I upgraded from a June 6,2009 Pre minus....that the Pre 3 was a must purchase. And a Pre 2 blows away that original Pre minus. That's a little bit of my perspective on the matter.
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    Well thanks everyone I really want to get him the pre 3 and none of you made my decision any easier. Everyone made great points and I know he'll enjoy either one. I want the pre 3 for the better screen resolution and the bigger screen. He already has the 32 gig touchpad so I want the pre 3 for him. He says he does much more stuff on the touchpad then his pre+. So I think I'll get the pre 3 for him. Thanks everyone

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