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    Alright guys, I'm a bit lost on this one, and need a car kit expert! Sorry for the lame title, I've edited it to "Send individual contact number to Parrot CK3000 bluetooth hands free car kit", but still the short one shows.

    I've been reading very interesting and old Parrot CK3000 handsfree kit, but none apply to my need: How do I transfer individual phone numbers to the kit, from some of my contacts?

    What I want to do is use the kit's voice recognition ability, which allows one to bind a voice command to an specific phone number, sent from my Pre 3. I prefer this as the Pre 3 voice dial function never works for me, as if it didn't hear what I say through the kit's microphone. It indeed works, I'm able to receive calls and talk without any problems.

    The contact card has a menu option which allows to "send all to car kit", but I don't want "all", I want a single number. Could anyone explain?

    Also, and if you let me abuse, I'd like to ask if I need those new Bluetooth options to access phonebook and messages in my Pre 3. I just want to receive calls and make them with the Parrot's voice commands, nothing else.
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    I finally figured it out: It has nothing to do with the phone, you just open the contact's card, and pick "Send all to car kit" from the menu. Immediately, the Parrot CK3000 acknowledges it, and asks you to say a name, twice. Then, it asks also to say the words "home", "mobile" and "work", possibly just once, to use for all contacts.

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