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    Hi, I thought we should have a thread soley for ATT $50 prepay data plan access. There is an H2O thread already.

    The ATT Prepay card has the advantage of being cheaper than anything else at $50 but also the advantage of no taxes paid. All other plans, including POST PAY plans, require taxes to be paid monthly.

    I used an ATT $50 PrePay plan sucessfully on a Pre Plus this past August. I was able to change the APN and received data at 1.5 to 2 MB speeds.

    When I tried it on my new Pre 3 I had problems with it.

    I have also successfully used this plan on my Nokia N8 (I sold for a Pre) and also the older Nokia N95 8G.

    Can anyone else that is successfully using an ATT $50 prepay card on a Pre 3 please weigh in with details of how you did it.

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    I just wanted to add that telling ATT that you are using a smartphone with a PrePay card is a no-no.

    Everytime I have used a PrePay card sucessfully in the past I did not disclose to ATT in any way that I was using a smartphone.

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