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    Does it work?
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    Can't find the app on my Pre 3 (did not carry over from my Pre) and it is not in the app catalog on my Pre 3

    whoops, should have read the the post, lol.
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    I use it on Pre+ and TP. I haven't had any problems.
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    This was posted in the Pre 3 forum so I assume he was referring to the Pre 3. Like I said, it did not carry over from my Pre when I activated my Pre 3 and it is not in Preware or the HP catalog when I look it up on my Pre 3.
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    Yeah I really want to know for sure if it works on the pre 3. I dont expect save/restore to save the day here. I really like it white pages app. I get missed calls and some junk.

    The phone will be used in HARDCORE service field to help me RUN MY BUSINESS. So we will see how that works.

    I want the app!
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    I was really bummed to learn that White Pages was not available for the Pre 3, since I used the heck out of it on my Pre 2. If anyone tries the homebrew app on their Pre 3, please post your results.

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    I don't see it in preware on my pre3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I don't see it in preware on my pre3
    Exactly! That's the problem. It's not available in Preware on the Pre 3. It will take someone figuring out how to get it onto the Pre 3. It might get sticky on the AT&T Pre 3 (mine) because it appears they elected to include Yellow Pages. I'm not a developer, so I'm talking like I know something, which I don't. Just conjecture.

    Hope someone is brave/smart enough to fix this for us
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    WhitePages is not in the Pre 3 catalog at the moment, but should be there in the near future. In the meantime, email me directly if you need the IPK, there are no issues with it, and is even Pre 3 ready.
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