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    Ok, I will try to remove it and put back again. BTW does anybody have the vharging battery problem on touchstone like pre?
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    Just a small piece of advice:

    I have been a bit annoyed with the creaky backcover which seems to be a problem on most Pre 3's ever since i got it. Not untill today I bothered to go through the trouble of putting a piece of paper behind it, but truth is that just a small piece of paper folded two times solves the problem completely, and gives the phoner a nice feel too. Before, it would creak and yield a bit when i held in on the sides, but now it feels perfect!

    Highly recommendable procedure to spend a few minutes on!
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    When I had my pre3 I used electrical tape to fix the creaking. My ringer switcher also vibrated annoyingly loud whenever the phone vibrated, also fixed that with electrical tape cut to fit. Electrical tape is easier to layer and strategically position than paper is. It's definitely worth a couple minutes of your time to make the phone feel that much more solid.
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    Get a buisness card and cut it so it fits nicely. This will stop it
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    Electrical tape in layers (about 4-5) on the top of the SIM slot & top 1/2 of the battery did the trick for me. Feels rock solid and a wee bit heavier. Nightburn is right on; thanks!
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    I cut a thick business card and placed it above the battery inside the cover of my Pre3.

    I can't believe that it now feels so rock solid... no creaking at all. I wish there was such a simple fix for the slight wobble in the slider!

    Thanks guys.
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    I cut a business card to fit on top of the battery and that has fixed the annoying creak in my Pre3! Thanks!
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