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    My vote is the ebcases eCopilot line of leather horizontal case. I've used these for my Pre's and Pre2, and now with the Pre3. They fit the Pre3 with no issues.

    Here are the benefits:

    1. Uses a belt loop, not a clip, so there's now way to have the case & phone come off accidentally,
    2. Flap with magnetic closure keeps the phone from getting wet or dirty outside,
    3. Hole in bottom makes it easy to get the phone out with the poke of a finger,
    4. A wide range of colors to coordinate with what you're wearing (for me a black and a brown

    Case also available in vertical but uses a clip and I've never trusted them. You can see them here:

    Pre Plus
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    Hey guys I came across these cases and thought I'd share, not sure if their any good but the look promising.

    pouch no clip:
    PDair HP Pre 3 Leather Case - Vertical Pouch Type (Black)

    horizontal belt clip:
    PDair HP Pre 3 Leather Case - Horizontal Pouch Type (Black)
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