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    Just picked up a Pre 3 (AT&T), swapped the sim out of my my Pre+. After it booted, everything seemed good, but I wanted to switch back because I had yet to modify my touchstones & my case hadn't arrived yet. That's when things went wrong. When I put my sim back in my Pre+, it seemed mad that I was still signed in my profile in a different phone, did a reset & wiped a bunch of info that assumed I could keep on my old phone.

    I'm sure its too late to fix that problem, but in the future should I sign out of my profile before installing the sim in the other phone? How is that even done?

    I'm afraid to put it back in my Pre 3 without logging out in my Pre+, but I want to play with my new phone
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    just put the phone in airplane mode to it isn't talking to palm servers. Also, check out an app in preware called "impostah" for your pre3 that will help you bypass the profile when it isn't your activated phone. That's how I got all of mt apps on my wifi-only pre3 before taking my pre2 off airplane mode.

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