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    I got my Verizon Pre 3 recently but realized that GSM provider is locked to Verizon/Vodafone (so much for global readiness). Called Verizon global phone tech support and was told that they cant unlock instead have to send an email to a third party provider to get unlock code for my MEID. He did mention this process takes 24-48 hours for the unlock code to be "processed", and added that they are not trained to unlock the Pre 3 as it was not released.

    Is the VZW global tech support taking me for a ride?

    I am wondering if anyone of you have really unlocked the GSM portion of VZW pre 3, if so please mention the steps taken to unlock it (with or without the unlock code).

    Thanks much!
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    Still trying to figure this one out myself. I called Verizon, they emailed HP, and called me back saying there are no unlock codes. Show properties app said SimLock was UNLOCKED, so I tried a Tmobile sim, no luck. I'm wondering if anyone else has any ideas? I really don't want to roam with vodafone if I can avoid it.
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    I am leaving for Berlin in a week and just got my Pre3 this weekend (Verizon). Am hoping there is an answer out there.
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    Where did you buy it? Whomever sold it to you should have the unlock code. At least for the AT&T version it works like that.
    I purchased my Pre 3 Unlocked and on the Invoice they added the unlock code.
    I inserted my sim, the phone asked for the unlock code and it worked.

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    I don't want to have to buy an ATT pre3 (unlocked) for roaming to the UK, and my Verizon one be relegated to US only - that's lame.

    I tried - their app spins infinitely at 45% and the phone displays three icons of an unlocked master lock so maybe it truly is unlocked.

    How did you test to determine the phone was still locked. Did you first tell the phone to be in GSM mode??
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    Quote Originally Posted by suzepi View Post
    I am leaving for Berlin in a week and just got my Pre3 this weekend (Verizon). Am hoping there is an answer out there.
    Apparently Verizon Global tech support was not able to get unlock codes to unlock GSM functionality even though my VZW Pre 3 MEID is present in the system, not sure what to make of it. Hopefully, shortly we may see unlock codes available online...

    I would certainly appreciate if you can let us know whether or not you were able to use local SIM card in Germany (other than Vodafone that is). If you were able to unlock then please let us know of the steps as well.

    Thanks much!
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    No unlock code given by my ebay seller. I also tried palmunlocker, got the same 45%. I tried my new T mobile sim, put the phone in GSM only, and had no service. SIM toolkit also was still nonfunctional.
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    Has anyone tried contacting Palm support to unlock the VZW Pre 3 SIM? They might turn around and say either it's an unsupported device, or that the carrier is responsible. Worth a shot though, right?

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    I was just tried calling Palm and got some stupid woman on the other end who basically said no dice.
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    I just chatted with an HP webOS support guy via the website and he said, and I quote, "Verizon will definitely unlock the SIM."

    So it's clear that if we ask 10 people at VZW and HP, we'll get 10 different answers.

    I'll contact VZW tomorrow once I get home and actually put my hands on the phone (haven't activated it yet).

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    For anyone that's had a VZW worldphone perhaps. I'm planning on leaving for the UK in 2 weeks. Is the phone locked to the special VZW+Vodafone sims (i.e. exorbitant $20.48/MB roaming charge), or can I at least get a regular vodafone prepaid sim there (ie regular prices)
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    The Verizon phone should be locked down so that you cannot use GSM in the US. You should be able (if unlocked) to use it in the rest of the world.

    I can't guarantee this - but that's how many of the world phones work even once unlocked.
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    Okay. I was elevated to the highest levels of Verizon's Global Advanced Tech Support, and she was very helpful. She said that because the Pre 3 was never officially released by Verizon, there are no procedures for generating or getting the unlock code. She recommended I call the manufacturer because they should definitely have the ability to unlock it. I told her that I fully expected HP's answer to be "it's the carrier," so she offered to call me back in an hour -- if that is, in fact, the response I get from HP, she would contact HP advanced tech support directly, with me on the line, so the 3 of us could solve it. Just fantastic customer support from Verizon!

    I called HP and sure enough, "Sir, you'll have to contact the carrier for that unlock code." So now I'm waiting until 1PM when Verizon will call me back. Maybe between Verizon and HP, we can get this sorted out!

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    Okay, Verizon is calling HP right now, and will conference me in when ready.

    In the meantime, I ran the Preware app Show Properties, and under "SimLockDef" it shows "UNLOCKED." That should be a good sign, right?

    I wonder if any AT&T locked users can verify what their SimLockDef is shown as.

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    Okay, no dice.

    The Verizon tech support lady was absolutely awesome, and she bent over backwards to help. She was on the phone with multiple HP techs for 25 minutes before calling me back and conferencing me in. I'm convinced the HP support people are brain-dead. Their latest explanation is that all Verizon-branded HP Pre 3s were sold to - get this - AT&T! I should contact AT&T to SIM-unlock my Verizon Pre 3.

    The Verizon tech support lady sounded embarrassed when she relayed this to me.

    However, my option now, since "Show Properties" lists the "SimLockDef" as "UNLOCKED," is to bring both the Pre 3 and my Nexus S to Europe next month. I'll try the SIM in the Pre 3 first - if it works, voila, unlocked! if not, I'll use the Nexus S for this trip and restart my adventure for unlocking when I get home.

    Anyone else go overseas yet and try a non-Vodafone SIM?

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    I bought a Tmobile SIM, thinking that the UNLOCKED property was a good sign. When I inserted the Tmob SIM, I still get the same error message on SIM toolkit, and no service on GSM only mode. I think we may be hosed on this one...
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    I e-mailed support at PalmUnlocker and he said he's working on a Verizon Pre 3 unlock code. A bit steep, price-wise, but if he can make it work...I'm in!

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    Does anyone know specifically which GSM/UMTS bands the VZW pre3 supports? I heard a rumor that it specifically does not have the US GSM bands
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    I was able to receive text messages with my T-Mobile SIM inserted, but could not send texts nor send or receive voice calls. I guess I won't be able to really test the GSM/UMTS mode functionality until I get overseas at the end of the month. I guess I'm bringing my Nexus S with me just in case...

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    I've adapted my unlocking scripts to the pre3 and will release them soon. MadMoonDog helped me out quite a bit - thanks again!

    The good news is that the unlock works in principle - the bad news is that the vzw pre3 software seems to lack the functionality for properly operating the GSM/UMTS part of the modem.
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