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    Phone is on the way. Locked to ATT. I suppose I shouldnt care because I am att customer.

    So basically I just tell my pre plus to back up, back up profile and then put sim in new phone and start it up? Something like that right?

    Phone developed bad static and was a warranty replacement in april this year. Really nice shape besides the intermittant static now. Really sucks!
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    Yes, just back it up and then put the SIM in your Pre3. Also, you might want to connect to your Pre+ to the computer and copy any music, videos, or pictures you want. They aren't in your Palm profile...

    After you put the SIM in the Pre3 and login to your Palm profile, you can call customer service and tell them you have a new phone and want 4G. Just give them the IMEI number, which is in device info. They will ask you to reboot and you'll be good to go.

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    Actually, go into USB mode and copy the whole thing to your hard drive. Then you can cherry pick what pictures, music, docs, ring tones, etc. to copy to your Pre3.

    There's a lot more to do if you have Homebrew apps.
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    Yup for sure I back up. Save/ Restore works good. But Im assuming I cant use that since the apps will be diff. Save / restore app is most likely not an option when going to pre3 ? Yes ? No ?

    My big worry is a working dropboxify app and pocket mirrior. I dont want to have to rebuy pocket mirrior.
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    Is manual sms/mms copy and restore possible from pre to pre2/pre3 as you can from pre to pre on 1.4.5 to 1.4.5?

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