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    Unlocked AT&T Pre3 with webOS 2.2.3 rom

    I have been struggling with this for over a week now. I can't send emails out using my pre3. POP does not work with error "unable to send try again".

    I have tried 2 different POP3 accounts with the same results. All accounts work on my touchpad.

    I can't even connect it to exchange. When I try to set it up it tells me my username and password is not correct. I have all these accounts set up on my touchpad and I know for fact the settings are correct.

    I have enabled the devmod on the phone a few days ago. Not sure if that does anything with the ability to send emails or not, but I was not able to send out email to begin with.

    any ideas with this?
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    This issue is fixed after docoting the device with modified ATT image (replaced att.tar in the image with the tar file from UK doctor).

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